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Letting-Genie-House-250Letting Genie is committed to protecting your personal data at all times. This privacy policy outlines the data we collect about you and the steps we take to ensure your personal data is protected while using our services. This policy also details the rights you have in relation to your personal data and how the law protects you.

Personal data is collected online when you visit our website (, enquire about our services through our contact page, and/or complete a form elsewhere on Letting Genie’s website. Information you provide us with will also be stored offline when an enquiry is made, an application form is filled out and a contract between you and Letting Genie is signed.

By providing Letting Genie with your personal data, you are giving your consent for us to collect it and use it in accordance with this privacy policy. If you are providing Letting Genie with someone else’s personal data, you are confirming that the third person has read or been advised of the information provided in this privacy policy, agreed to the terms of this policy and has granted you permission to use their information on their behalf.

In accordance with Data protection Act 1998, all data we hold about you and any third persons you are acting on behalf of, will be kept private and stored securely until it is no longer required. 

Letting Genie complies with all UK national laws and requirements with regards to data privacy. Questions relating to this policy and the data we collect about you should be sent by post to Shelton House, 4 High Street, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes, MK17 8SD, by email to or by telephone on 01908 535000.


1.       Data Security

Letting Genie has ensured appropriate security measures are in place to prevent data being lost, altered, disclosed, used or accessed in an unauthorised way. Should a data breach be suspected or take place, we will act immediately and notify you and the appropriate regulator(s), in accordance with the law. 


2.       Data we Collect about You

Letting Genie’s online forms are replicas of Letting Genie’s paper forms, therefore the data we collect about you both online and / or offline will be the same. When you submit one of our forms via our website, we collect the information you have entered.

The information below outlines the personal data we will hold about you, based on your interactions with us on and offline.


Personal Data Stored


Name, telephone number, email address and details of your enquiry

Tenancy Applications

Name, date of birth, contact details, drivers licence number, emergency contact name and contact details, current landlord’s name and contact details, referee’s name and contact details

Appointment of Letting Agent Name, address, confirmation of property ownership, residential status
Landlord and Property Details Name, contact details, date of birth, N.I. number, bank account details including name, account number and sort code, details of freeholder / managing agents, mortgage company, address and account number, name and contact details of accountant
Overseas Landlords Landlord’s name and address, name and address of landlord’s UK representative, Inland Revenue exemption reference number if applicable. 
Property Details Questionnaire  Intruder alarm details including alarm code, name and contact details of emergency key holder, details of heating systems, including reference numbers, name and contact information for maintenance companies, name and contact details of utilities suppliers including account and reference numbers


By completing any of Letting Genie’s online forms, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms as set out in this privacy policy. 


3.       Letting Genie’s use of your Personal Information

Letting Genie will only use your personal information when the law allows us to. The data Letting Genie will use will have been provided by you or your legal representative and will help us manage and deliver services and support to you. Your personal details will be used by Letting Genie during the enquiry stage, pre-contract negotiations and during the contract with us. Letting Genie may also use personal data for legal purposes after a contract between both parties has drawn to a close. 


4.       Why Letting Genie needs your Personal Information

Letting Genie needs your personal data for enquiry purposes and for tenants and landlords who enter into a contract with us. The purposes of requesting your personal data may be to:

·         Register you as a tenant

·         Register you as a landlord

·         Register you as an owner of a vacant property Letting Genie will manage on your behalf

·         Manage and collect payments, fees and charges

·         Notify you of changes to our terms of business

·         Notify you of changes to our privacy policy


5.       Cookies

Letting Genie uses necessary cookies on to ensure basic functions can run properly for visitors to our website. These cookies also remember information entered previously from the same computer, mobile phone or tablet. 


6.       Sharing of Personal Data to Third Parties

Letting Genie will only pass your personal data onto third parties who have a business need to know. These third parties have a duty of confidentiality to uphold and will act on our instructions with your personal information. 


6.1. Sharing your Data

The third parties Letting Genie may need to pass your data to include, but are not limited to:

·         Contractors for repairs, maintenance, servicing and installing purposes

·         Utilities providers

·         Local councils

·         Legal purposes


6.2. Sharing and Collecting your Data

Letting Genie may also be required to share or collect further data from:

·         HMRC, regulators and other authorities

·         Police and emergency services


6.3. Credit Reference Agencies

Letting Genie may share your personal data with credit reference agencies before entering into a contract. Information we share will include:

·         Name

·         Contact details

·         Date of birth

·         Financial status and history


6.4. Third Party Marketing

Letting Genie will not sell or pass your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. 


7.       Visiting other Websites via Letting Genie’s Website

Visitors to the Letting Genie website may notice links to other websites. Clicking on these links will allow the website you are visiting to collect data about you, which they might share with third parties. We encourage our visitors to read the privacy policies of these websites to understand how their data will be collected and stored. 


8.       Our right to Retain your Personal Data

Letting Genie will keep a record of your contact details for the length of your contract with us. We will then keep your details on record for as long as we find reasonable in accordance to the law. Letting Genie may use these details in response to communication from you after a contract, or to aid legal action, should it be required. 


9.       Your Legal Rights

Please contact us if you would like to exercise your rights to access the personal data Letting Genie holds about you. Please note, we may require information about you to help us confirm your identity and your right to access the data. 


10.   Changes to your Personal Data

It is your duty to inform Letting Genie of any changes to your persona data. Please inform us of any changes straight away to ensure we hold the correct personal information about you. 


11.   Changes to Letting Genie’s Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was updated in January 2019. This date will be changed when this policy is reviewed and / if updates have been made.


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